SPIRITED BODY OIL (KAPHA), 130ml by Mauli Rituals

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SPIRITED BODY OIL (KAPHA), 130ml by Mauli Rituals

A fortifying blend to balance the Kapha energies within us that govern immunity; Spirited helps to alleviate lethargy, flu-like symptoms and revive the senses when feeling low and listless.

Envelop the skin in restorative, therapeutic oils of frankincense, ginger, juniper berry and stimulating eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint and cinnamon in a base of strengthening almond and grapeseed. This rejuvenating oil helps boost a sluggish metabolism, ease joint pain, alleviate sinus and respiratory symptoms; condition skin and awaken a loving heart.


Ritual: Warm the bottle between your hands. Massage oil into skin, starting from your feet and working up towards your middle and moving to arms, shoulders, the back of your neck and ears. Massage limbs using long strokes and massage joints, chest and middle, using circular motions, working in a clockwise direction. Spend 5-15 minutes massaging and then either prepare to sleep or wait 20 minutes, to allow the powerful oils time to penetrate deeply into the skin, before finishing with a warm bath.

Ingredients: Therapeutic grade essential oils of eucalyptus, frankincense, lavender, basil, black pepper, cinnamon, camphor, cardamom peppermint, spikenard, dill, ginger, juniper berry and thyme in a base of sweet almond and grapeseed. Free from water, alcohol, chemical preservatives, stabilisers and additives. 100% natural and hand-blended in England.


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